The Ban on Mifepristone Affects All of Us

Last night a Texas ruling triggered the nationwide halt of mifepristone, striking down a science-backed, 23-year FDA approval of the abortion pill. This decision will take effect in seven days, pending the federal government’s appeal. With the appeal pending it will take time for us to fully understand the implications of these rulings.

For now, this ruling does not mean the end of access to safe medication abortion. There is another drug that is a safe and effective abortion care option. However, since Roe v. Wade was overturned, abortion has been severely restricted or banned, making medically induced abortions even more difficult. We find it necessary to repeat abortion restrictions are gender-based violence.

Reproductive healthcare is a critical need for our community: access to reproductive services ensures survivors have the tools and opportunities to pursue their futures on their terms. South Asians for Abortion, a platform founded by South Asian SOAR, shares research that shows Indian Americans have the highest abortion rate of Asian Americans in New York City. And as the second-oldest South Asian gender justice organization in the country, we know all too well that abortion restrictions themselves are a form of gender-based violence.

This ruling affects all of us.

At Sakhi, we remain steadfast in our commitment to challenge injustice. Together we will continue to fight for a future where bodily autonomy is a fundamental human right for everyone in the United States.