Our Impact

At Sakhi, we go beyond breaking the silence surrounding gender-based violence. We are fighters—we work tirelessly to promote the happiness, safety, and stability of survivors to strengthen our community.



At Sakhi, we work to ensure that our community has access to the material and emotional resources and support that are needed to both prevent and respond to violence.

In 2022, this commitment manifested in numerous ways, including but not limited to:

  • An expansion of our helpline, which is now available from 10AM-10PM during weekdays. We plan to further expand our helpline to be 24/7 in early 2023
  • A landmark $3 million investment from the Ramesh & Kalpana Bhatia Family Foundation, which will establish the South Asian Safe Families Initiative to explore healing intergenerational trauma.
  • Our trauma-informed solidarity grants.
  • Flexible and responsive training and programmatic efforts, as evidenced in the measures we have taken to restructure Sakhi’s Food Justice Program and develop our ESL, digital skills, and financial literacy classes.
  • The inclusion of significant rental assistance funding within our Housing Program, which helps survivors leave behind abusive situations without the existential fear of losing shelter or other forms of stability.
  • A robust youth mental health counseling program that amplifies the impact of our existing Youth Program via individual and group sessions.

These, as well as many more service changes oriented toward survivors’ needs at all stages of healing, are key components of our long-term strategy for moving beyond crisis recovery and toward sustained well-being.

Sakhi’s Impact Through the Years

For over three decades, we have striven to improve our communities by creating safety, sanctuary, healing, and liberation for all.

Take a look at our impact through the years to learn more about what we’ve accomplished with and for New York.