Statement On The Deaths Of Misbah Batool & Iazia Zanoor

Sakhi is deeply saddened and disturbed by the horrific losses of Misbah Batool and her 2-year-old daughter, Iazia Zanoor, who were killed in an act of domestic violence in Long Island. Our hearts and unwavering support go out to their family and friends during this devastating time.

Let us collectively pause and honor the memories of Misbah, Iazia, and countless others who have suffered and continue to suffer in silence.

The tragic deaths of Misbah and Iazia are reminders of the urgent need to address the pervasive nature of gender-based violence. Misbah and Iazia’s untimely passings occurred amid a history of domestic violence, a painfully common occurrence in our community.

At Sakhi, we will continue to provide survivor-centered and culturally competent resources, services, and prevention programs to work towards eradicating the root causes of gender-based violence.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence or needs support, please contact Sakhi at (212) 868-6741 or the National Domestic Violence Hotline (800) 799-7233 for assistance.

May Misbah and Iazia Rest In Power.

If you and/or your loved ones are looking for support, we encourage you to reach out to the various organizations and resources listed below.

Local Culturally Competent Gender-Based Violence Organizations

Sakhi for South Asian Survivors | New York City
Call: 1 (212) 868-6741 (Mon-Sat, 10AM-10PM ET)
Text: 1 (305) 204-1809

SapnaNYC | New York City
Call: (718) 828-9772 (Weekdays, 9AM-5PM ET)

Asiyah Women’s Center | New York City & New Jersey


Jahajee Sisters | New York City (Queens and the Bronx)
Call or Text: (347) 201-4931 (Weekdays, 9AM-5PM ET)

Manavi | New Jersey
Call: (732) 435-1414 (24-Hour Hotline)