Sheetal’s Story

unnamedTell us about your work and experiences with Sakhi.


I’m currently a Young Professional Volunteer with the Board’s Development Committee. I joined in 2014, and since then have been working to help raise fund for and awareness about the organization’s various initiatives.


What drew you to working with Sakhi?


I have always been passionate about gender equality and women’s rights, especially in India; however, I didn’t know what resources were available to help South Asian women in New York.  When I found out about Sakhi, I signed up for the training workshop, which was an eye opening experience. There is so much to be done to help women in our communities, and I knew I wanted to be a part of that effort.


I believe that every person in the South Asian community should know about Sakhi and I hope to help create awareness about everything they do.


What are your hopes for how Sakhi can grow as an organization?


Gender equality is such a hot topic these days, and I hope that Sakhi becomes the organization that is immediately referenced when we discuss inequality and justice for survivors.  

Why do you think it’s important that New York’s South Asian community support Sakhi’s work and advocacy?

The South Asian community is so tight knit – if we garnered our resources, we could help give a voice to the voiceless.  We often read about gender injustices taking places in other countries, but there is so much to be done in our own cities.  Sakhi’s work is invaluable to those in our community who would have otherwise felt helpless.


How do you think young professionals in New York can be more involved in gender justice and fighting for equality in their communities?


Simply signing up for Sakhi’s volunteer training and learning about what we can do as bystanders is a step in the right direction.  By creating more awareness of the services that Sakhi offers, we can work to make sure that the survivors in our communities will always have access to the help and support they need, and we must continue having these conversations.


Sheetal is a Young Professional Volunteer with the Board’s Development Committee since 2014 and is deeply committed to supporting women’s equality in the South Asian community, both in New York and abroad.  A graduate of Binghamton University, Sheetal currently works in event production for Red Bull, and applies her knowledge of public relations and events marketing to her work on the board.