“Sakhi Reads” YPN Bookclub

The Sakhi YPN stands proudly with the Black Lives Matter movement. As a group of young NYC-based professionals of South Asian origin, many of us benefit from the inherent privileges provided by the work of Black communities fighting to dismantle the instruments of systematic oppression. Yet, we are often faced with the difficult challenge of determining the action that we as an individual and as a South Asian community can take to make a difference. 

In an effort to continue these important conversations around the nationwide civil rights movement, the YPN is introducing the book club “Sakhi Reads.” This program will allow us to educate ourselves further on social and political issues and reflect on our roles as South Asians in this current climate through impactful conversations about topical books and media. We will begin on September 24th with the book “So You Want to Talk About Race” by Ijeoma Oluo. This book discusses race in contemporary America and the ways in which our political, economic and social structures are systematically racist. We will discuss subjects ranging from affirmative action, intersectionality and police brutality to having conversations with ignorant family members. Through honest dialogue and open minds, we hope to use “Sakhi Reads” as a platform for change. We hope by reading these books, we can elevate Black voices, amplify the work of these incredible authors, and better educate ourselves, our family and our friends. We’d like to call upon all members of the community to join us to read and actively make a difference.