Moitri’s Story

My Story

My name is Moitri Chowdhury Savard and I am a family physician in Long Island City, New York. I’ve known about Sakhi’s work since 1993 when my friend was a volunteer. The work was equally challenging and rewarding for her. I reconnected with Sakhi a few years ago through dear friends who are long time supporters.  It was exciting to hear about all the new activities the organization has spearheaded over the past 25+ years.

On Sakhi

Sakhi is a beacon of hope for so many. It is a safe space where women can feel a sense of community and gain the skills needed to make meaningful change in their lives. Navigating the maze of the legal system, public assistance programs, job opportunities and credit requirements in this country is a daunting task for anyone, let alone someone who has had to step away from their support network.  Sakhi can step in and provide camaraderie, professional advocacy and preparation for the uncertain road ahead.

On Services

The support groups and mental health services are wonderful. As a physician I cannot overstate the importance of mental health to the overall well being of the family. The research linking maternal mental health to the health outcomes of the family is clear. Children of depressed mothers are at high risk for impaired functioning including conduct and anxiety disorders.  It is a vicious cycle that can be broken by targeted mental health interventions such as the counseling sessions provided by Sakhi.

On Being a Supporter

It is so important to support programs like this for the overall condition of the South Asian community.  Empowered women are essential to healthy, happy families. I’m excited to see Sakhi expand their services in 2016 but that can only happen with our support.  Come join my family in providing life-changing opportunities for those in need. Thank you for your help. Once a Sakhi, always a Sakhi!