2021 in Review

Explore our Year in Review

In reflecting on our 2021, we are proud to share the ways in which we are: Healing through Creative Expression, Renewing our Sense of Sanctuary, and Building Power with Survivors, all in pursuit of a Violence-Free NYC. As 2021 comes to a close, we are sharing the ways in which these investments have manifested: in the lives of our team, the survivors with whom we work, and our broader New York City community. We invite you to join us in exploring our Year in Review and invest in our impact for 2022.

We built power with survivors

Our focus increasingly lies in finding ways to bring our services closer to survivors. In doing so, we’re building a more inclusive network of survivors who are healing and intervening; creating survivor-ledprogramming; and organizing with the community to prevent violence.

Dive into how we build connection, intracommunity trust, safety, and independence.


We renewed our sense of community

The pandemic has taught us that it’s possible to stretch our reach further than we could have imagined. As team members whose connections to this work are deeply personal, we knew it was crucial to hold our experiences together and mitigate the harmful isolation of the pandemic.

With survivors, community supporters, and our team members, take a look back at how we overcame the physical distance and fostered connection.


We healed through creative expression

At Sakhi, we believe that creative expression offers a space for healing and connection. Within this isolating and dark time, we saw possibilities in the arts.

From our partnership with the Queens Museum to creative workshops within our community, we found solace and collaboration in the arts.


We invested in a violence-free NYC

All of our efforts bend toward a collective vision of a violence-free New York City. Our mission is to equip each other with the resources and support that are necessary to prevent and respond to violence.

Learn how this commitment manifests in survivors’ lives.