Join Sakhi at Our 2020 Gala to Celebrate Our Voice, Our Strength, Our Transformation

Join Sakhi for South Asian Women in celebrating

Our Voice, Our Strength, Our Transformation

Friday, 8 May 2020
Cipriani 25 Broadway
25 Broadway, New York, NY 10004

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Our voice, our strength, our transformation.

In the wake of our thirtieth-anniversary year, we celebrate our voice, our strength, our transformation. We ground our movement in our voice, we realize our strength, and we honor our transformation.

Our voice

Sakhi represents the South Asian diaspora in an intersectional and intergenerational movement for gender justice. We remain committed to being a survivor-centered, survivor-led organization and recognize that breaking the silence surrounding gender-based violence is a vital first step towards precipitating change.

Our strength

Sakhi believes in all survivors’ self-determination and resiliency, despite facing adversity. Sakhi believes the power of our movement lies in our willingness to rebuild together.

Our transformation

Sakhi’s philosophy of empowerment supports survivors’ agency to not only regain charge of their lives but to also see themselves as positive agents of change. With this in mind, we create opportunities for survivors to exercise leadership within Sakhi, within their communities, and within the movement. We operate with the shared intent to create a future in which gender justice is unquestioned, and we collectively model the change we seek to create.