Youth Empowerment Program

In 2016, Sakhi developed our Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) as a way to support the healing of young survivors. We recognize that people of all genders and ages are affected by interpersonal and gender-based violence. In addition to supportive services for youth between the ages of 6-24, our program provides a safe space to freely explore issues around identity, family, relationships, and positive sexuality and gender. Sakhi seeks to support young people as they break cycles of interpersonal and gender-based violence.


Individual Youth Mental Health Counseling

Children who witness violence often show the same if not more severe symptoms of PTSD as a family member who experiences violence themselves. To support the needs of young survivors, we offer individual mental health counseling for youth between the ages of 6-24 who have experienced interpersonal, domestic, or gender-based violence. These one-on-one, 45 minute sessions are typically held on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on availability. Frequency of sessions is determined through consultation with survivors. For more information, please contact .


Referrals & Case Management

For youth survivors of interpersonal, domestic, and gender-based violence we provide advocacy in the form of: case management and referrals to housing, legal, and academic tutoring support services.


Youth Programs

Sakhi hosts a variety of programs for families who have experienced gender-based violence. Depending on the varying needs of youth survivors we host support groups for caregivers and youth to provide psychoeducation, strengthen communication, leadership, critical thinking, and conflict resolution skills among young people, build relationships, and support folks in healing from trauma.

We also host after-school peer support groups for teens and young adults to help them navigate survivorship, relationships with family, friends, and intimate partners, academic and career choices, physical and mental health challenges, and more. Youth Support Groups often feature guest speakers and South Asian leaders from a variety of fields and agencies. In the past our programming has included arts workshops, yoga workshops, summer programs, wellness programs, field trips, and ongoing support.

Please contact  to find out more about what we are offering at this time.

Key Services:

  • Case Management
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Community Engagement
  • Youth Programming


Community & Mental Health Resources for South Asian Youth

Resources for South Asian Queer Youth working with LGBQ-TGNC people

Trigger Warning: Childhood Sexual Assault – Guide to responding to disclosure: Responding with RAHMA.

Mental Health Resources