Serving Young Survivors

When working with young folks, we are cognizant of how power and control are exerted in normalized and often harmful ways that often end up discouraging young people from sharing their experiences or seeking help.

Regardless of their age, survivors experience the removal of choice and agency over their lives, bodies, and choices. This removal of choice often lies at the core of the traumas they may have experienced. 

In order to support survivors, we seek to nurture a restorative, healing, and liberating spaces and relationships that model consent, honor agency, and encourage personal choice.

Some of the types of violence that younger folks often bear witness to include:

  • Witnessing interpersonal violence
  • Emotional & physical abuse from caregivers
  • Incest and childhood sexual abuse
  • Forced marriage; often as result of rape
  • Oppression of LGBTQIA identity 
  • Stalking
  • Threats of honor killing
  • Trafficking 
  • Teen dating violence
    • Cultural taboos around premarital relationships often lead to young folks keeping secrets. when they do not have trusted adults who can provide guidance in relationships, it creates a great vulnerability for the young person
    • Many youth have been exposed to various forms of violence, which increases their vulnerability to more violence within their own relationships

Sakhi provides free, confidential support to anyone ages six and up who has experienced or witnessed violence. We listen to and believe young people, no matter their age. Survivors do not need parental consent to seek help from us.

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