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What you need to know about gender-based violence in our community. Browse resources for survivors.

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Glossary of Key Terms

This Glossary is a compilation of essential terminology that we use and reference at Sakhi and within the field. Last Read more…

Legal Protection

Domestic violence is a crime regardless of one’s immigration status. Threatening someone with deportation is a common tactic used by Read more…

Sakhi Financial Literacy Trainings: Identity Theft

This Sakhi training offers an overview of identity theft and how to be more aware of scams.

Financial Literacy Trainings

Sakhi’s Economic Empowerment Team has put together video trainings on financial literacy, to build awareness around financial health and wellness. Read more…

Safety Planning

A safety plan is a set of personalized, preconceived actions and/or list of things that you can use in order to get yourself to safety.

Protect Yourself Online

As you browse the Internet, each of the items you view are saved locally on your hard disk drive. To conserve Read more…