Community Engagement Program

Systemic violence does not occur in a vacuum and it is not limited to the home. In the face of a culture that seeks to relegate gender-based violence to an obscure “private life,” we seek to make violence a public issue. As a gender justice organization, Sakhi not only works one-on-one with survivors to address their individual needs and long-term safety, but also offers knowledge and tools for ending the cycle of violence awareness through our Community Engagement Program.

Sakhi aims to be an engaged, accountable, and visible presence in the South Asian diaspora and the movement to end gender-based violence. We conduct grassroots outreach to:

  1. Inform survivors about their rights and Sakhi’s services, 
  2. Raise awareness of violence within the South Asian community, and 
  3. Conduct trainings on gender-based violence through a South Asian lens.

As the majority of the survivors we work with hear about Sakhi through word of mouth, we participate in community events, and work with community-based organizations (CBOs), religious institutions, and universities, by presenting in their spaces. 

Sakhi organizes and co-sponsors forums, meetings, conferences, marches, panels, and other outreach/education events. We also work with community-based partners, the South Asian and mainstream media, schools, universities, religious institutions, and community and cultural centers to raise awareness about the issue of gender-based violence.

We seek to increase awareness of gender-based violence and how we can combat it. We share tools and resources that seek to equip community members to address violence and trauma in their own lives. Through these engagements, we strive to educate on topics such as bystander intervention, trauma-informed care, Sakhi’s services and history, and culturally- and linguistically-responsive programming. 

In addition to these workshops and trainings, Sakhi has a robust calendar of community engagement events. Keep up with our events by following us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Workshops and Trainings

At Sakhi, we know that breaking the taboo of discussing gender-based violence and raising awareness of its prevalence and impacts are essential to provoking change.

If you are looking for a way to engage your community in the movement, you can invite Sakhi to conduct trainings or workshops at your university, community-based organization, government office, or workplace. 


Sakhi Volunteers

To help support our outreach work, Sakhi trains volunteers to join a support system of community leaders in New York City.  Trained volunteers assist Sakhi in both its direct service work via our helpline, as well as with our broader community engagement work. Volunteers help to plan outreach events, pamphlet and table through the city to share resources with New Yorkers, and build community partnerships. We encourage volunteers to interact with community members and leaders to raise awareness about gender-based violence.