Anti-Violence Program

Sakhi creates a safe place for South Asian survivors who have experienced abuse. We affirmatively support all survivors of all genders, races, ethnicities, religions, sexualities, castes, or any other identity markers. We offer an array of culturally-sensitive, linguistically-appropriate services, including crisis intervention, safety-planning, and ongoing emotional support.

In 2022, Sakhi’s Advocates supported over 700 South Asian survivors of gender-based violence and their families with intensive one-on-one support and fielded thousands of calls on our helpline.

The consolidation of our Domestic Violence Program and Sexual Assault Program into the Anti-Violence Program (AVP) in 2021 set a new horizon for Sakhi: We seek to address violence from an expansive point of view. It occurs not in a familial, workplace, cultural, or any other vacuum, but rather in a greater social context that is wed to hierarchical power dynamics.

In 2011, as our work increasingly intersected with broader movements, Sakhi adopted a gender justice framework into our structure and programs. This framework offered us an anchor for our platform and a vocabulary for our long-term visions. The shift to an Anti-Violence Program is representative of nearly a decade of reflection, dialogue, and growth. It indicates the evolution of our values practice and our commitment to meeting survivors’ needs.

Key Services:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Support navigating law enforcement and legal systems
  • Assistance finding access to mental, reproductive, and general healthcare providers
  • Ongoing emotional support throughout survivors’ healing journeys 
  • Forced marriage case management
  • Elder abuse case management
  • Sex trafficking case management
  • Domestic workers case management
  • Support for students and faculty with Title IX Sexual Assault and Harassment cases
  • Access to legal clinics
  • Community outreach
  • Shelter placement assistance

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South Asian immigrant women in the U.S. are survivors of domestic violence*